Free For All: Like Whatevers/Herd Murmurs

Times are tough out there, and for many of us buying music has become quite an indulgence (albeit a necessary one). Happily, there are some lovely musician folk out there that have offered up some fruits of their labors to the masses, free of charge. Free For All celebrates these wonderful people, and you, dear reader types.

As you know, I rather enjoy those wiley folks of the Fredericksburg collective almost formerly known as Like Whatevers, now and forever to be known as Herd Murmurs. Not only did they open my first residency evening earlier this year, but they also were a part of the Fuzzy Logic showcase at the Fall installment of the STPP festival. The delightfully charming swampy-folksy-backwoodys-rocky-jazzy-experimental group recently recorded some tunes in this neck of the woods, and they've put the fruits of that recording session into the public internetwaves for all to enjoy. They've got a little something and then some for everyone, this band, so most definitely check out this here EP.

Please note: As of this weekend, the Like Whatevers bandcamp will cease to exist! So make sure to grab that EP while you can. However, Herd Murmurs have MORE free goodness for you over at the current bandcamp, so head on that way for more of the same goodness.

mp3: Friend Of A Friend (Like Whatevers from the Sin Tents Half One EP)


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