First Timers: Mittenfields & Richmond

You know how it goes, there's a first time for everything. Some of my particular firsts involve bands: The first time a band plays a certain venue is a good one, but the first time a band plays a city is even more special. Such is the case for local District gents Mittenfields when they make their Richmond debut this very Thursday at The Republic.

I had a think about it, gave the situation a good mulling over, and came up with a shortlist of spots in Richmond where I think the pummeling roar of the Mittenfields shoegazing Pavement-ish noise would be well-served. Bear in mind, this is a wishlist more than anything. A girl can dream, after all.

* St. John's Episcopal Church (Church Hill) - What better venue that the intimate, historic place of worship that witnessed Patrick Henry's words for the ages about liberty and death? The acoustics are great, the church is on the small side, and the historical wow factor is tough to beat.

* Maymont Park - A wide open space large enough, perhaps, to accommodate the cavernous noise Mittenfields makes. A warm summer night out there in the grass would make for quite a moment.

* Old City Hall (Downtown) - I've got such a soft spot for this grand old dame, to go along with my soft spot for the dizzy drone of Mittenfields. The lobby, with that ornate, vibrantly-colored gingerbread trim would make for one heck of a visual juxtaposition with the jarring but lovely strains of songs like "Cascades."

* The Byrd Theatre (Carytown) - Who doesn't love The Byrd?! The movie palace not only shows cheap recent releases (and fun vintage flicks from time to time), but also houses a resident ghost. An almost formal setting would be a great backdrop for Mittenfields.

* The Diamond - Home to Richmond's latest attempt at a sort-of professional sports team (go Flying Squirrels!), the outfield of The Diamond would be a great place for Mittenfields to have a Beatles moment. Only, they would probably drown out any girlish shrieks with their endless waves of sheer volume.

In the meantime, Richmond loves, be sure to come check out some of DC's finest at The Republic. We're gonna have us a real good time.

mp3: Swim In A Tight Parallel (Mittenfields from The Fresh Sum EP)


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