Crossing The Pond: Sea Pinks

Don't ask me how, but in all my time living in the UK I never made the short trip over to the Emerald Isle. I realize now how utterly ridiculous that little fact actually is. As a small means of penance, I'm going to give y'all the goods on a rather delightful band from Belfast that I heartily and emphatically and vehemently recommend to you and your ears. The band is called Sea Pinks, and I would strongly advise you not to forget that name.

If you've already heard of Sea Pinks, it could be because one of them plays in Girls Names. But I encourage you to forget that little tidbit, because Sea Pinks is by no means a simple side project. I got my hands on their 2012 record Youth Is Wasted, and was immediately entranced by the simple, infectious songs. The trio follows in the lo-fi footsteps of the members of the Glasgow School (think Orange Juice and Josef K, but with a much sunnier disposition - much like their American counterparts Beach Fossils). They've latched onto the early 60s obsession that many of the best 80s bands tended to do, incorporating the vintage jangle with the fuzz that I hold so dear. To quoth the band, they're inspired by "sea glass, beached grass, and ghost guitars," and I have to say that's a pretty fine way to describe themselves.

mp3: Ballad Of The Band (Sea Pinks from Youth Is Wasted)


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