Crossing The Pond: Fawn Spots

I like noise.

Fawn Spots makes noise.

I like Fawn Spots.

It's pretty much that simple, friends. But I'll go on, in an effort to convince you about just why you too should like Fawn Spots.

The dastardly duo that comprises Fawn Spots hails currently from York, in the north of England. York is, perhaps, best known for the York Minster, an impressive, graceful edifice to all things holy. I never made it there, myself, but thanks to Fawn Spots I can now appreciate a different sort of spirituality, in the shape of that unholy racket that springs forth from the two of them.

They take the fuzzy, lo-fi clamor of the late 80s/early 90s Guided By Voices sound and give it a little bit of a sneering upper lip. Somehow, in the midst of the tumult, they still keep their songs tight and nigh on poppy, not to mention bursting with a rather exciting energy. To say I like Fawn Spots a lot would be the understatement of the day. You will want to hear them, this I promise you.

mp3: Hair Play (Fawn Spots from the Hair Play EP)


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