Crossing The Pond: Little Fish

It's been a little long while since we last hopped over the pond for some new tunes, I believe. I even managed to let Guy Fawkes Day pass without so much as a nod, let alone fireworks, so I must hitherto make amends.

Little Fish hails from glorious Oxford, land of the dreaming spires, Inspectors Morse and Lewis, and, as you know, Fuzzy favorites Supergrass. Here's a pop quiz for you: Which of those three does Little Fish have a connection to? If you guessed Supergrass, consider yourself quite clever (or just good at reasonable deduction). The one and only Gaz Coombes did some production work for the Little Fish demos, and also contributed some violin play to the song you can snatch down below, and will be producing their album (currently in production).

As for the song itself, "Wonderful" is, dare I even go this obvious route, rather wonderful. For being new kids on the block, relatively speaking, the three members of Little Fish can bluff their way into sounding as though they've got several albums under their collective belt (for the record, I believe it's a total of one, from when it was Juju and Nez operating as a duo). The bold, powerful vocals put forth by leading lady Juju demand attention immediately. Her tone is rich, slightly husky at times and always strong. Ben's swirls of Hammond goodness and Nez's deft drumming round out the polished lushness. Impressive, if I do say so myself.

mp3: Wonderful (Little Fish - more here)


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