Through A Lens Fuzzily #7: Roses Coloured Glasses

Sometimes the universe taketh away. And sometimes, every now and then, the universe maketh up for all that takething away and throws us all a bone. By even bringing up the idea of a Stone Roses reunion, the universe has decided to show all sorts of kindness, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who's slobbering with gratitude.

I've been a Roses fan for many years now. When I was younger, I actually made it a bucket list item to meet all four original members of the band (if you're interested, I'm batting .500 as of today). They're just one of those bands that just do it for me, and not having them around for all this time has really been no good.

Since I'm feeling all nostalgic for Scotland this week, it must be said that the Roses were a big part of my time over there. My friends and I pretty much all loved them, and many a drunken dance was danced to all the hits on dancefloors the country over (and the picture here was taken on one such inebriated night in Edinburgh, many moons ago). There's still a certain, heart-breaking boy over on that side of the pond whom I'll always associate with the Stone Roses, so listening to certain songs is full of bittersweet delight.

Now, universe, please make me even happier and send the Stone Roses this way for an American tour. I missed them back in the 90s, you see. So make it happen.

m4a: She Bangs The Drums (The Stone Roses from The Complete Stone Roses)

[photo by Megan Petty]


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