Through A Lens Fuzzily #5: Bear's Nine Inch Claws

Some of you have had the distinct pleasure of meeting my little furry hellion, known to the world as Bear Bryant. Bear is fifteenish pounds of fluffy tuxedo destruction, and much like the football players coached by his namesake, he's caused more than his share of chaos since he became a part of my life just over three years ago.

His claws have been around, records, furniture, friends. But I keep forgiving and forgetting, because he's pretty much the cutest animal ever put on this planet.

But seriously. Look at that face. Tell me that's not the cutest cat you've ever seen and I'll call you a damned liar. And happily, no vintage lamb planters were harmed in the taking of this photo. To celebrate my adorable, yet exceedingly calamitous little fluffball, here's a song from the also beautiful Trent Reznor, quite possibly written about my cat (yeah, maybe not so much).

mp3: Mr. Self Destruct (Nine Inch Nails from The Downward Spiral)

[photo by Megan Petty]


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