Happy Halloween, Y'all!

I don't know about you, but October 31st has long been one of my most favorite days on the calendar. Dressing up as someone else, eating a bunch of sweets, and sanctioned scandalous behavior all get the thumbs up from me.

This year has been especially delightful, as I've already enjoyed Halloweekend treats like the Rock, Paper, Zombies affair (more on this later - curated by one of the bestest dang artistes around, Mr. Rich Bernett) at Strathmore Mansion Friday night, seen some folks dressed as Oompa Loompas, been to a party where I got to breathe in the sweet smell of a fog machine, and had a plastic spider stuck into my decollotege. And that's not even taking into account this evening. I'll be both at the Black Cat and Desperados, so if you happen to see a Little Red Riding Hood wandering around, it could very well be yours truly.

But enough rambling. It's time for some music to get us all in the mood for an evening of tricking, treating, and spooks. Happy haunting to all.

mp3: Halloween (The Dream Syndicate)

m4a: Movie Monster (Sound Team)

mp3: Haunting at 1300 McKinley (The Black Angels)

mp3: Theme From Ghost Patrol (Spindrift)

mp3: The Blood (The Cure)

m4a: Vampire (The Bluetones)

m4a: Ghost In You (The Psychedelic Furs)

mp3: My Girlfriend Is A Witch (October Country)

mp3: Monsters Coming Home (Voyageurs)

mp3: Bewitched (Beat Happening)


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