Fuzzy Logic @ STPP Fest - Thrushes

It's almost here, friends! The Fall installment of the STPP Fest is nigh upon us, and it's about time to get to know the musicians that are part of the showcase yours truly has put together. Come spend your weekend at The Islander with us!

BIO: Ambling out of Baltimore with a stack of Crystal’s 45′s and an arsenal of effects pedal, Thrushes’ 2007’s debut, Sun Come Undone, earned critical praise and worldwide buzz with the instant classic, “Heartbeats,” reaching the top 5 most played tracks in the world according to elbo.ws prompting Idolator.com to write, “How Thrushes Became This Week’s Biggest Band In The World.” Reviewers compared them favorably with huge bands like The Jesus And Mary Chain, Pixies and Dead Can Dance, and The Associated Press called the band “gorgeous and affecting.”
Follow up, Night Falls, finds Thrushes upping the stakes in every department. Their trademark wall of sound, widescreen guitars and technicolor noise-pop are brilliantly polished to sparkle. The album’s opening single “Trees” finds Thrushes in full on “Dazzle” mode. Bells ring, drums thunder, guitars chime, hearts break. “Crystals” is a conscious nod to ‘60’s girl group’s cotton-candy coated odes to fallen love. Night Falls illuminates the dark edges of town on brooding tracks “As Much to Lose” and “Juggernaut.”Just like on ‘Sun Come Undone’, the result is “cotton candy guitars and sticky reverb-drenched melodies shimmering with reverb and shuddering with echo.” With Night Falls, Thrushes once again “make love to their effects pedals and wide-screen guitars.” (Baltimore City Paper)

m4a: Fade Into You (Mazzy Star Cover) (Thrushes - more here)

Thrushes plays Saturday at 1pm.


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