Fuzzy Logic @ STPP Fest - Marionette

It's almost here, friends! The Fall installment of the STPP Fest is nigh upon us, and it's about time to get to know the musicians that are part of the showcase yours truly has put together. Come spend your weekend at The Islander with us!

BIO: Marionette draws inspiration from the music world’s outliers and outcasts – with equal admiration for the great obscure songwriters and the more abstract, noise artists spanning psych, shoegaze, jazz, folk and punk. Live shows ebb and flow from pindrop silence to the roar of layers of looped guitars and the hum of feedbacking bass. The band is illuminated by vintage-era video compliations that tell their own stories and create intense visuals. Facing You, Marionette’s debut full length, features strong songwriting set against soundscapes of reedy accordions, grinding guitars, bow scrapes, hubcaps, half-working organs and drum machines, and airy field recordings.

mp3: Orchid (Marionette - more here)

Marionette plays Sunday at 2pm.


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