Fuzzy Logic @ STPP Fest - Canary Oh Canary

It's almost here, friends! The Fall installment of the STPP Fest is nigh upon us, and it's about time to get to know the musicians that are part of the showcase yours truly has put together. Come spend your weekend at The Islander with us!

BIO: “Canary Oh Canary take elements of shoegaze and experimental rock to create a style that is entirely their own. In just a little under a year playing out, the group has already developed a strong fan base (with even Kyle Harris of Diamond Center calling them one of his favorites from Richmond).” - Shannon Cleary, RVA Magazine – Aug 19, 2011

“There is a sense of patience in the way they let a song build. On their debut EP, two of the songs take up about seventeen minutes combined. This is something that I would think could terrify most new and upcoming groups. In order to believe in this songwriting practice, you have to put a tremendous amount of confidence in your audience. If Saturday night was any indication during the performance of their epic “Embrace,” the audience is right there with them, and people followed the band around after their set to compliment their efforts. Everybody was buzzing about how Canary Oh Canary was their new favorite band.” - Shannon Cleary, RVA Magazine – Sep 26, 2011

“Canary oh Canary is a study of moderation.
The Richmond-based post-punk trio — Michael Harl on guitar and vocals, Josie Davis on bass and the band’s secret weapon and driving force, Noell Alexander, on drums — is a formidable combination of linear wit, melodic restraint and compositional veracity. On their self-released debut EP, Last Night in Sunway Knolls, the group incorporates the expansiveness of Television’s Marquee Moon with the clipped, agitated musical economy of early Wire and the Fall to create their distinctive narratives. From the naked, “Flowers of Romance”-era Public Image-inspired simplicity of the slyly catchy “Embrace” to the subtle, unrelenting crawl of the closing title track, each note they play is gracefully placed to extenuate the unit’s temptuous team-first titillations. It is powerful stuff, and their carefully measured restraints grow more intoxicating with each listen. If you are a fan of the Gun Club’s more pastoral explorations, Echo & The Bunnymen or The Cure’s 1982 dark classic, “Pornography,” I cannot recommend this band enough.” – Chris Bopst, Richmond Times Dispatch – September 29, 2011

Michael Harl on guitar and vocals, Josie Davis on bass, Noell Alexander on drums
Formed formally Sept. of 2010. Played first show Feb. 2011. Released debut e.p. Last Night In Sunway Knolls Aug 17, 2011

mp3: In The Panelled Basement (Canary Oh Canary from Last Night In Sunway Knolls)

Canary Oh Canary plays Saturday at 4pm.


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