Fuzzy Logic @ STPP Fest - Bobby E. Lee & the Sympathizers

It's almost here, friends! The Fall installment of the STPP Fest is nigh upon us, and it's about time to get to know the musicians that are part of the showcase yours truly has put together. Come spend your weekend at The Islander with us!

BIO: Bobby E. Lee & the Sympathizers is a Baltimore band who only plays the swampiest, stompiest, good timey music. The members of this humble troop are from all over our beloved country, from the majestic Appalachian Mountains to the gritty Mississippi swamp. To call their shows a mere concert is to sell them horridly short; they put on a honky tonk opera, a real show with characters and all. If you want to have a grand old time just swing your partner, grab some booze, and call up the Sympathizers for some killer tunes.

Bobby E. Lee & The Sympathizers plays Sunday at 7pm.


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