Contest Time: Gringo Star Ticket Time!

Y'all know that I dig those Atlanta boys of Gringo Star something pretty fierce. On record, their sound swirls together the naughtier side of the British Invasion (think The Kinks and The Animals, for starters) with the infectious, ageless energy of their Atlanta predecessors The Woggles. Live, they're not to be missed. Hell, last time I saw these gents, they managed to get shut down by the Harrisonburg Fire Department. We all know it's not a party until things get shut down.

The Gringos are coming back to DC on 11/13, and shall take the stage at the Black Cat (with support from standout locals The State Department). Obviously, you should be there. And I'm about to make it easier for you to be there and shake your hips to the marvelous jangle that is sure to await you. I've got a pair of tickets to bestow upon one lucky soul. All you need to do is email me at and tell me why I should give you said pair of tickets. Easy, no? Brownie points will be given for creativity (and perhaps flattery), so make it count! Contest closes at 5pm on 11/12, so snap to it. Oh, and you're welcome.

mp3: All Y'all (Gringo Star from All Y'all)


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