Meet Voyageurs

I have been to the end of the rainbow, friends, I have been to the other side, and I can tell you exactly what it sounds like: My new favorite band, Arkansan and perhaps in general, Voyageurs. When I listen to this band and look outside, I see magenta grass and orange looking-glass skies and undulating waves of kaleidoscopic insanity. And I tell you what, y'all, the colors look so pretty, and the sounds sound so very, very good.

Voyageurs, of Fayetteville, threatens to put Arkansas on the map for something other than Bubba C. Their songs are packed full of the loud, heavy psych swirl of Dead Meadow, but have even more of a snarl to them. I'll tell you right now, you'll be hearing a lot more of them from me in the not-so-distant future. Be ready.

mp3: Demon Wings (Voyageurs from Nude Vegas)


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