LP Lust: Baltimorean Goodness Edition

Tuesday night I took a little roadtrip up to Baltimore with a good friend for the Jeff Mangum/A Hawk & A Hacksaw show (which I will be discussing at length in another post). A quick drive later (it pays to leave work early if possible when heading up that way), we were in Hampden, sipping beer and snacking on some amazing Brussells sprouts at the Golden West and thumbing through record bins at a couple fine local establishments. Of course, since it had been a little while since I let myself go crazy in a record store, I ended up, well, going a little crazy. Not as crazy as I have done in past outings, though, so perhaps that's progress.

You'll notice I went for quality over quantity, as well as forking out for some titles that I knew nothing about, other than that my Spidey senses went all sorts of tingly when I pulled them from the bins. I'd call this a fine assemblage of music both old and new, and I'm so happy to have got my paws on each and every one of these long players. It was a great, great day overall, enhanced of course by these babies that are now a part of my collection.

* The Flying W Wranglers - An Evening At The Famous Flying W Ranch (autographed!)

* The Turtles - The Turtles Present The Battle of The Bands

* Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline

* New Math - Gardens

* Soft Machine - Fourth

* Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Rust Never Sleeps

* Iggy Pop - Lust For Life

* The Flying Eyes - Done So Wrong


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