Singles Club: Sex Beet

Yes, friends, it's time once again for another Thrilla in Manila track by the one and only Sex Beet. You already know how much I fawn over these little rakes, and they've just given me another reason to blather on about them.

"Dreams" is the song in question, and it's full of filthy scuzz and shit-kicking fuzz and just a touch of the don't-give-a-flying-fuck brattiness that The Black Lips have honed to (grating) perfection. As usual, there's a touch of silliness to the song, with the melodramatic retro-styled movie intro and the over-the-top synth action. But beneath it all lies a fine, fine little rock song, and I do believe y'all are gonna like it. You're welcome.

mp3: Dreams (Sex Beet - more here)


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