Memoriam for a Friend

With the exception of a personal anecdote or silly story hither and thither, I try to keep real life out of blog life, because y'all are probably way more interested in reading about music stuff. But sometimes, I can't keep the two halves apart, such as what you're about to read in this post. I grappled with whether or not to even write it, I didn't want it to sound crass or seem to be in poor taste, but I finally decided that I needed to write something in tribute to a wonderful person, whom I shall see nevermore.

I met Lucas many moons ago, back when the two of us were working at different branches of the same local independent book/record store. Hanging out with him was always a good time, so easygoing was he and so full of enthusiasm over the same stuff I was into. Lucas was the perennial Good Dude, it seemed he was always smiling and always booming out that laugh of his. It wasn't always fun and games, but Lucas knew how to keep people happy and having a good time. He was a kind person and a sweet soul, and had an almost encyclopedic knowledge of music and film and history. He was one of the only people I've ever met who knew more about and maybe even loved music more than me. It just about breaks my heart that he'll never get to geek out about the newest underground music again. Those of us who were lucky enough to know Lucas will miss him forever, and remember him forever. Saying goodbye to him will be tremendously difficult, and I ask for your indulgence if I might happen to disappear for days at a time during this period of grief. But I'll try not to. Lucas wouldn't have wanted it that way.

Lucas Hayes, you will always be loved, and may you teach those folks on the other side a thing or two. I bet you already are. Below, a song that just might make it into my memorial service, and a song I find both so sad and so beautiful. This one's for you, LPH.

m4a: See You In The Next One (Have A Good Time) - (The Verve from Storm in Heaven)


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