Meet Little Anchor

There's something to be said for sweetness, my little lambs. And sweetness is something Brooklyn band Little Anchor has in spades. Led by the chirpy, darling voice of Alexa Cabellon, the band emits a sound most pleasing, somewhat reminiscent of my beloved Essex Green but with much more of a proclivity towards the purer, pop end of the spectrum.

Little Anchor is currently prepping for the September release of the Yellow Lights EP, a six-song jaunt through poppy highs and all manner of, well, sweetness. Cabellon's cooing and her bandmate's deftly-navigated idyllic instrumentation proves a most agreeable match, languidly pastoral and perfect summer afternoon fare. Verily, verily recommended.

Until Our Eyes Adjust (Little Anchor from the forthcoming Yellow Lights EP)


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