Newsflash!: The Torches + Tallahassee + Ms. Fridrich @ Bella Tonight!

Y'all! It's a long weekend (about dang time), and those of you local types that haven't braved the heaping helpings of traffic to get to a beach should really, absolutely, positively consider coming to hang out at Bella this very evening.

You see, performing for your musical enjoyment will be fantastic localites The Torches and Ms. Fridrich, with Bostonians Tallahassee providing the serious non-local flavor. It's gonna be a night of glorious, fabulous, and marvellous music, with heavy doses of Americana-folksy-rootsy sounds being made just for your delight.

It shall be a doozy, my little firecrackers, and so I do hope to see you there.

mp3: Mt. Moriah (Tallahassee from Jealous Hands)
(Thankee, Twangville!)


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