Video Vixens: Is Tropical

There's something not quite right about the Is Tropical video for "The Greeks." I'm gonna go out on a limb and suggest that perhaps it's the sweet little kiddos enacting various fucked up scenarios, like a drug deal gone bad and bloody, or blowing up a suburban abode.

But you know what? Perhaps it's just my cultural desensitization talking, but there's something a little funny about the whole thing. Perhaps it's because there's an adorable kid running around trying not to laugh the whole time that kinda takes the edge off the video. Or the notion that, according to the band, it's about "everything, and kinda nothing, and being young, or something," according to Is Tropical. As for the song, it's a darkly dizzying dancefloor-ready romp, sounding a little on the vintage side. Not bad indeed.

mp3: The Greeks (Is Tropical from Native To)

mp3: The Greeks (Moonlight Matters Remix) (Is Tropical from Native To)

IS TROPICAL - THE GREEKS (official music video) from EL NINO on Vimeo.


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