Singles Club: Santah

I've had it on my schedule for weeks, going through my inboxes and getting them down to manageable levels of email. In performing that task today, I had the pleasure of opening an email that has led me to one of my favorite songs of the year.

Santah hails from the Midwesterly lands. Having listened to their sublime "White Noise Bed" several dozen times now, I can't get over how much they sound to me like the Midwestern equivalent of North Carolinians The Love Language. You've got your gorgeous, humid smokiness of the instrumentation, a singer who is at once strong but with a hint of the sad puppy (and
Santah's Stanton McConnell even has the same initials as TLL's Stuart McLamb!), and an overall slow-motion seductiveness that belies the naughty giddiness of secret rendezvous and stolen kisses under starry night skies. It's a fabulous song, perfect for the summer months to come, and I can't wait to hear the rest of the record.

White Noise Bed (Santah from White Noise Bed)


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