Singles Club: Common Prayer

I've been remiss, my loves. It's been quite a little while since I talked about the very dear darlings of Common Prayer, so I do believe it's about time right this minute to rectify this situation. Y'all will remember that Common Prayer was among my list of the very best records of all of 2010, and happily these purveyors of dreamy delicious confectionary sonic goodies are working on album number the second. I can't wait.

But in the meantime, they've released an impossibly adorable cover of the Talking Heads song "Love Is A Building on Fire." Replete with all the elements that made Common Prayer's debut so special, their cover treatment unleashes glorious prettiness (not to mention a whole bunch of pretty tweeting) and charming oddballishness all over the dang place. It's a little ray of sunshine bursting through the heavy clouds of a summer storm. A hearty well done indeed to Mr. Jason Russo, Ms. Alexandra Marvar, and their delightful co-conspirators.

Do your ears a favor and listen to this song this instant.

mp3: Love Is A Building On Fire (Common Prayer from the O+ Festival Compilation of 2010 Artists)


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