Singles Club: 1,2,3

It's hot and I'm tired, y'all. Since I'm not being surrounded by a harem of strapping shirtless dudes fanning me with enormous feathery fans, feeding me grapes, holding my champagne glass and otherwise just looking decorative, I guess now's a good time to recommend a hot damn mighty fine summertime slowdown jam from 1,2,3.

1,2,3 is a pair of sassy Pittsburgh boys paying all kinds of homage to 60s and 70s soul and injecting that vibe with their own attitude and a smidge of knob-twiddling. "Riding Coach" croons and shimmies and flirts its way into your good graces, and I'm pretty sure once it gets there it'll stay there for quite a good long while. It's blue-eyed sassafrass soul, and it sounds so very good on sultry days like today.

Riding Coach (1,2,3 from the forthcoming New Heaven)


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