Meet Art Imperial

Does proximity to a beach mean a band is more likely to make good "surf"-esque music? Or can a gentleman from the not at all beachy urban landscape of a major metropolis in eastern Canada give those California beachcombers a run for their money? The answer, or both answers, really, are provided by Toronto resident Art Imperial, a one-man surf rock afficianado who jangles and jaunts and twists his away across the surf rock landscape like a pro.

On his (free!) EP, Surf Suburban, Art Imperial brings all the surfness you could possibly want, offering up six summerfresh songs that prove you really don't need to be a bona fide beach bum in order to do that little genre something proper. Wailing and whispering and whipping his way through the songs, Art Imperial creates a great vibe, chilled yet full of infectious energy and good times. Yours truly is a fan, y'all. Don't miss out.

mp3: When I'm With You (I Feel Dumb) (Art Imperial from the Surf Suburban EP)


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