Live Review: The Dirty Lungs @ Comet Ping Pong, 6/10/2011

Some of you know it was my birthday last week. Evidently, the concert-going world was aware of this, and arranged for a whole lot of quality shit to be going down to coincide with my getting another year older (though none the wiser, my friends). The kickoff, if you will, to the copious amounts of awesome music that rolled through town just in time for my bonne annee, was Fuzzy Logic favorites The Dirty Lungs, who brought their scuzzed up, swampy goodness to Comet and made a daggum believer out of me all over again.

The Dirty Lungs from Birmingham, Alabama," the band proclaimed, preparing to unleash the good times on Comet. They started out with the aggressive wail of "Serial Suicide," one of their newer offerings. Dirty, snarky, a touch snarling, and all sorts of loud, upon hearing that song I was damned confident the entire set would be rad. And it was. The Dirty Lungs has quite a kick to their sound, and I kept envisioning a beautifully messy unification of Dead Meadow, first EP Kings of Leon, The Black Lips, and CCR as they played. I would hope that notion appeals to you, because I tell you what, in practice it's a damn fine sound.

These dudes turned their stuff up extra loud, which pleased me to no end. I had been listening to the new Liturgy record on my way to the show, and though slightly deafened from that, even with earplugs these
Lungs rattled my eardrums something fierce. Every song was a firecracker, even the slower jams. "Don't Fucking Remind Me" was a gem, steamed up hazy as a summer night in Tuscaloosa and an absolute filthy delight. They were a perfect band to see on such a sweltering Friday evening. There's so very much to like about The Dirty Lungs, y'all, so make sure to show them some love when they roll up on your town.

D. D. Reg Reg (The Dirty Lungs from Deregulate Your Heart)


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