Happy Flag Day

So today, my little loves, just so happens to be Flag Day. I usually don't think much of Flag Day, other than it being the day before my birthday, but this year I feel a bit differently. Y'all bear with me while I jump on the soapbox for a minute here. I might not reside within DC proper, but I sure do spend quite a bit of time there. And have done, ever since I was a knee high to a grasshopper. I won't go all totally political wacky on you, but I do think it's inherently wrong that the District does not have the same voting rights given to citizens in the 50 states. DC folks have to pay taxes, so they should get the voting rights, too. After all, one of the tenets of the founding of this country was about that whole taxation without representation thing, no? And certain other states (Utah, I'm talking to you) should not be allowed to get more representation just so DC can get their fair share. Enough with the red tape and excuses, politicos. Just make it happen.

If you're so inclined, head over to Dupont Circle later to celebrate DC Flag Tattoo Day and rally in favor of voting rights. Get the scoop


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