Blog Love: When The Sun Hits' Free Compilation of Awesome

Confession. Apart from a few chosen blog friends, I really don't read other music blogs. Who has the time? But my friend Dave recently pointed me in the direction of shoegaze/noisepop blog When The Sun Hits, and more specifically, the killer (and free!) compilation those folks just released.

Said compilation features songs, some unreleased, by a whole bunch of great bands, including but not limited to locals Screen Vinyl Image and Mittenfields, as well as The Electric Mainline, Love Culture, and The Sleepover Disaster to name but a few. I definitely recommend y'all go and get you this here compendium of scuzzy fuzzy goodness, and perhaps add
WTSH to your favorite music blogs. They do one heck of a job over there. Below, for your listening pleasure, is some ridiculous tomfuzzery courtesy Mittenfields. Dig it.

Mixed Signals (Mittenfields from the When The Sun Hits compilation)


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