Singles Club: The Snowy Owls

I'm in a certain mood today, evidently, and only the best of the best of the fuzziest noise will do for my little ears. Happily, my ears and I bumped into this little piece of Richmond-based excellence, known to the world as The Snowy Owls.

Brainchild of Matt Klimas, The Snowy Owls sounds is pretty hard to resist. I've been asking myself how I managed to not fall in love with this music whilst living in RVA. All I can say is better late than never, y'all.

The song of my moment right this very moment is "Pale Fire," a glorious piece of self-described "darkhorse pop" with serious shades of Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo, Pavement, and the looming ghosts of shoegaze past. It's gritty yet lovely, awash with impending summer haze and sensational guitar strains, a perfect weekend afternoon companion. The comedown numbdown track "Leaves" is the chaser, and is also highly recommended.

mp3: Pale Fire (The Snowy Owls from All These Thousand Things)


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