Singles Club: The Dirty Lungs

In one of my (rather numerous) favorite songs by The Rolling Stones, "Rip This Joint," lives the lyric; "Wham bam Birmingham/Alabam' don't give a damn." It's a sentiment that I find suits my current favorite batch of Alabamians, The Dirty Lungs, rather well. Listening to them, I get the impression that they just wanna do their thing, and if you like it, you like it. You see, according to them, their "veins pump rhythm and blood," and I'm inclined to agree with them.

The Birmingham boys just put out a new 7" for consumption, and it's mighty fine. "Don't Fucking Remind Me," my favorite of the two tracks, shows the
Lungs striking paydirt with a murky, muddily golden vibe, still full of scuzz and attitude but a bit different than a lot of what I've heard from them. Plus, it's a song about California in which the band spells out the name of my dream state. Love it. "Serial Suicide," the other side of the 7", exhibits a ghoulish beach party vibe, taut and herky jerky and a little dark. Both tracks are definitely worth checking out, and you'll probably hear one or perhaps even both when The Dirty Lungs rolls on into DC on June 10th. See y'all there.


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