Reminder: Fuzzy Logic Residency Starting May 19th!

It's Tuesday, my little tom cats and kittens, so it's time for a reminder about the Fuzzy Logic Bad Behaviour residency starting up this very week! There will be much fun, there will be much good music, and there will be earplugs! The bands are excellent, and this is a night you definitely don't wanna miss.

The first installment of Bad Behaviour is set to feature the newish brashness of Fredericksburg's genre-defying Like Whatevers, the not-t0-be-missed dirty rock of The Invisible Hand (of Charlottesville), and the very, very loud shoesludgerockgaze of one of my favorite DC bands, Mittenfields. I couldn't be happier about this lineup, and I hope you'll be there to enjoy these three with me. See y'all Thursday!

[poster by the ever awesome Rich Bernett]


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