Newsflash!: Help the Pretty Nice Boys of Pretty & Nice Press Pretty Nice Vinyl!

Y'all know I like vinyl. And I like bands that like vinyl. Pretty & Nice likes vinyl, and the dudes are trying to raise enough green to press their great little record Get Young, and you yes you can help them do it.

You see, the band set up a Kickstarter campaign, and the days are a-winding down. You have five days left to pledge anything from $5 and up, with varying levels of thank you goodies from the band. For example, giving $5 to the cause gets you a handmade patch, where as $1500 and up will get you a heaping helping of awesome, including a show at your house (as well as a dinner cooked by the band!) as well as, my favorite, guest list for life.

So go on.
Do your good deed for the day and feel good about helping the vinyl cause.


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