Newsflash!: Fuzzy Logic Residency Starting May 19th!

Something I've been wanting to do for a little while is get more shows together. And something I'm now lucky enough to be doing is...putting more shows together. Yes, my little loves, yours truly is now booking every 3rd Thursday at Bella (900 Florida Ave. NW) for a night I decided to call Bad Behaviour, and the super fun times start this very month. After all, who doesn't enjoy a bit of bad behaviour?!

The first installment of Bad Behaviour is set to feature the newish brashness of Fredericksburg's
Like Whatevers, the not-t0-be-missed dirty rock of The Invisible Hand (of Charlottesville), and the very, very loud shoesludgerockgaze of one of my new favorite DC bands, Mittenfields. I do so hope to see some of your smiling, good music-loving faces on the 19th, because I can promise you, my friends, it's gonna be pretty awesome. See you there.

[poster by the amazing Rich Bernett]


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