Meet Mother Sun Flower

Seriously, y'all, sometimes Baltimore just sneaks up on me and delivers to the musical landscape something without which I'm not quite sure how I was making due. The latest such proferring from Charm City is known as Mother Sun Flower, and this here band definitely warms the cockles of my cold black heart.

They call themselves a "stoner metal/psychedelic rock/guitar worship power trio from the streets of Baltimore," but I'll tell y'all what, that doesn't even begin to cover what these "friendly long hairs" do. Their name might call to mind some hippy dippy shit, but
Mother Sun Flower doesn't really appear to give a shit about love-ins and incense and peppermints. Their (hello, free) four-song EP is a heavy, muddy mess of deep, dark, dangerous sludgey psych rock with jolts of thunderous hardcore thrown in, just because they can. These songs are crushing, they are meaty, and in a way, they're beautiful. The seething, jarring, overwhelming wall of droning noise MSF creates is pretty much music to my ears. If these dudes can come up with stuff like this "without thinking too hard," I can't wait to hear what else they can come up with.

I Will End You (Mother Sun Flower from the Mother Sun Flower EP)


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