Singles Club: Polarsets/Channel Swimmer

It's a really, really not so nice day here in the greater DC metro. Perhaps it's enhanced by my vacation done ended blues, but this weather kinda really sucks and it's bumming me out. They tell me it's Spring, but damned if it feels like it. Really, y'all, I'm in a bad, bad mood right about now.

In such weather-related sads, it's imperative to have crucial tunes to snap you out of the rainy day funkiness. Luckily, I happened to open an email that contained within a song that has managed to make me smile. Polarsets created a fine little song on their own, heavy on the humid tropicalia, but this Channel Swimmer mix of "Sunshine Eyes" calls to mind the blissful week I just spent basking in the sun of Los Angeles. The languid tempo and icy beats are perfect for lounging by the pool, tall frosty cocktail in hand, beads of water drying on sunning skin while besunglassed eyes gaze upwards to miles of cloudless blue. It's super slick, super high-gloss, and super fun. Throw this on your stereo and let those summer fantasies begin.

mp3: Sunshine Eyes (Channel Swimmer mix) (Polarsets - more here)


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