Newsflash!: Pete and The Pirates Want You!

Well, ok, so not you exactly. They actually want your cat. Yes way. My beloved, wonderfully-naughty English scamps are in the process of making a video, and they want your cat/kitten/tiger to be in said video. Just because, here's the text of the email I received not long ago from team P&TP:

"Do you want your cat/kitten to feature in the next Pete and the Pirates Video?

Everyone love cats right? So we're doing a cat video. If you, or any of your friends have got footage of cats and kittens doing funny stuff, looking cute, eating from the bin or chasing bits of string, send them in and we'll see if we can slip 'em in to the video somewhere.

It doesn't matter what format. From HD flipcam footage to dodgy old mobile phone clips from the nineties. We'll look at it all and use the best/worst bits we find.

Send links to your footage to Get on it today, we will need all footage through by Tuesday 12th of April if we are going to use it.

Go on, get involved, yeah? Make Fluffy a star!

(Please make sure no animals are harmed or made to wear jumpers during the filming of your material.)"

And there you have it, my friends. You've got until next Wednesday to get your cat involved. I'm actually not entering, because my cat is so dang cute they'd feel compelled to just have three minutes of Bear Bryant.

mp3: Blood Gets Thin (Pete & The Pirates from Jennifer/Blood Gets Thin) (Big sloppy kisses to The Music Slut)


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