Hot Live Action: Suns of Guns

Please note: Any live recordings offered on Fuzzy Logic are the legal property of the band who plays them (barring covers, of course). Do not attempt to claim these songs as your own, attempt to make money off these songs, or attempt to claim these songs as your own while attempting to make money off of them. They are for you, yes you, and your personal enjoyment. So please, enjoy responsibly.

I've always believed that live performances are just as important as what a band does on record. If you don't move me live, well, I'm disappointed to say the least. Bearing that in mind, I thought it would be pretty nifty to share some special live recordings with you lovelies. Please pay attention to that fine print up above, and please turn up the volume.

First up in Hot Live Action: One of my most favorite of DC bands, Suns of Guns. I've already gushed about them here and there, and I'm pretty sure you'll dig their killer 60s Detroit meets 70s UK noise. Here's a few selections from their ridiculously rad instore at DC's Crooked Beat Records last month. Y'all are in for a one hell of a treat. I know what you're gonna say. And believe me, you're so very welcome.

mp3: 5000 Watts (Suns of Guns)

mp3: Black Mark on a Bible (Suns of Guns)

mp3: Ralph E. Static (Suns of Guns)

mp3: J.G.'s LL (Suns of Guns)

mp3: Room For the Holy Ghost (Suns of Guns)

(a multitude of thanks to the awesome Dave Mann for recording the instore!)


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