Video Vixens: MAKE OUT

Some of us are afflicted with an inherent, deeply-rooted lust for the chase. If it comes too easily, we just don't want it. It's a feeling that applies to a whole lotta stuff, but particularly matters of the heart. So naturally, bearing this in mind, I kinda sorta love this here song by MAKE OUT. It's a sentiment I've had on oh so many occasions, and they've wrapped it up nicely in this little ditty and the accompanying video for "I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me."

The song toes the line between badass, sassy rock and campy silliness, though the video definitely stays more towards the latter with the bright colors, oversize flowers, and goofy facial expressions on the band. It's a super fun song, and a super super fun video. And it kinda makes me feel a little justified. Just a smidge.

mp3: I Don't Want Anybody That Wants Me (MAKE OUT from the HOW TO EP)


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