The Untitled Interview #57 – SXSW Edition: Starring Rishi Dhir (Elephant Stone)

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter and sweeter, and that, my little vixens, can only mean one thing: it's getting close to being almost time for the one and only SXSW. And of course, that means I had to ask some questions of the bands I'd sure want to see if I was heading down to Austin for the 25th annual SXSW-stravaganza.

"Elephant Stone" is one of my all-time most favorite Stone Roses songs. It also happens to be the name of one of Canada's most delightful exports, makers of some of the finest candy-coated psychedelic pop clatter delicacies you're likely to hear. If yours truly was going to Austin, Elephant Stone would absolutely be on my Cannot Miss No Sir No Way No How list. Mr. Rishi Dhir had the following to say about the band's SXSW experience.

Les Enfants Terribles: How are you getting to SXSW: plane, train, or automobile?
Rishi Dhir: Driving. We're playing a bunch of US dates on the way then we're dead-heading home.

LET: Inevitably, you will forget to pack:
RD: An air mattress.

LET: How many showcases/parties will you be playing?
RD: Looking like 5 or 6...

LET: Band you're most looking forward to seeing at the festival?
RD: The Bees!

LET: What's the first thing you plan on doing upon arrival in Austin?
RD: Hitting some open bars and then watching the bats take flight at dusk.

LET: What was the first festival you ever attended, either as a musician or member of the general public?
RD: Lollapalooza '93.

LET: Favorite thing about festivals?
RD: Music music music!

mp3: Strangers (Elephant Stone from The Glass Box EP)

[photo by André Guérette]


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