The Untitled Interview #101 – SXSW Edition: Starring Eric Lodwick (BRAHMS)

The days are getting longer, the nights are getting shorter and sweeter, and that, my little vixens, can only mean one thing: it's getting close to being almost time for the one and only SXSW. And of course, that means I had to ask some questions of the bands I'd sure want to see if I was heading down to Austin for the 25th annual SXSW-stravaganza.

Oh sweet mercy, y’all. There’s something oh so foxy about this here BRAHMS. Listening to them is totally taking me back to those synth-worshipping, ever-so almost goth-tinged British dudes with a penchant for eyeliner and precocious pouting (see: Depeche Mode, Gary Numan). It’s icy, it’s glossy, and it’s addictive. Make sure to see what Eric Lodwick thinks of SXSW goings-on, and then check out one of their multitude of sets (yeah, they ended up with more than just one).

Les Enfants Terribles: How are you getting to SXSW: plane, train, or automobile?
Eric Lodwick: Automobile. *insert John Candy joke*

LET: Inevitably, you will forget to pack:
EL: Enough socks or underwear.

LET: How many showcases/parties will you be playing?

EL: At least one. Will hopefully be playing more than sleeping.

LET: Band you're most looking forward to seeing at the festival?
EL: Twin Shadow, Gordon Voidwell.

LET: What's the first thing you plan on doing upon arrival in Austin?

EL: Her name starts with pit and ends with beef.

LET: What was the first festival you ever attended, either as a musician or member of the general public?

EL: SXSW last year. We played 4 shows.

LET: Favorite thing about festivals?

EL: The music and energy of gathering for music...beyond that, SWAG, new friends, and free food and drinks!

mp3: Brought It Out (BRAHMS - pre-order the Add It Up 7")


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