Singles Club: Valentiger

As I've already said, I'm itching for a little warm (er) weather around these parts. It's March, and I'm sick of my winter coats (as fabulously tweedy as they are). Since my trip to California isn't for over a month, and the weather isn't cooperating, I have to get my warmth on some other way. One such way is listening to my oh-so favorite Michiganians, Valentiger.

Their second record Oh, To Know! will be out oh-so soon, which is certainly cause for celebration. If you're not yet familiar with the trio from the Wolverine State, well, you're in for quite a treat. "Into The Sun" brings their twangy folk jangle pop to a whole new level of awesome, and calls to mind lazy afternoons spent sipping spiked lemonade and swinging from ropes into the local watering hole. And that glorious horn sound makes me think of Van Morrison performing at The Band's Last Waltz. Sensational. They're doing a tour of Midwesterly spots on their way to and from SXSW, and the threat of another East Coast assault in the Summer has been made. Listen and love, my friends. Listen and love.

mp3: Into The Sun (Valentiger from the forthcoming Oh, To Know!)


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