Singles Club: Sex Beet

So there I was, out and about earlier this week, when what should happen to come on the jukebox but the classic Gun Club song "Sex Beat?" Naturally, it made me remember the message Luke Sex Beet had sent me a little while back, proffering a new ditty of theirs that was, as he put it, cleaner than other stuff I've heard. Fear not, loves, he didn't mean cleaned up musically. Just production-wise.

The song comes from a split with Human Eye, and that band's somewhat campy, 50s b-movie done modern track "Martian Girl" isn't half bad either. But Sex Beet proves themselves winners once again with their sleazy, somewhat snarling take on a girl group gem gone so very rightly wrong. In my book, singing about breaking hearts is where it's at. I already love these dudes, now it's your turn.

mp3: Alone (Sex Beet from Human Eye/Sex Beet Split)


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