Singles Club: Hunx & His Punx

Raise your hands, my little daddy-os, if you ever get in the mood for that whole Spector-fied, girl group sound? Yeah, good. What about the poofy prom dress, poofy bouffant slowdance vibe of the late 50s/early 60s? You too? Ok, well, now throw in some 70s in, perhaps, some New York Dolls, complete with lipstick and all.

If you're still holding up your hand, you will unquestionably adore Hunx & His Punx. If you don't love "Lovers Lane," I'll eat my kitten heel. Ok, probably not, but just go ahead and take a bite of Hunx. The album Too Young To Be In Love is out as of yesterday, so make sure you snap it up quick-like.

mp3: Lovers Lane (Hunx & His Punx from Too Young To Be In Love)


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