Singles Club: Craft Spells

Lo and behold, the 80s, decade of bad fashion and frightening hair though it was, have proven to be ripely inspirational for a whole generation of bands now churning out some lovely, lovely music. Latest case in point: Craft Spells.

"You Should Close The Door" reminds me a whole lot of a lo-fi, bedroom version of the glorious New Order gem "Ceremony." Not so much in terms of lyrical content, but the arch beauty of the bringing together of sounds both mournful and uplifting, and those certain transcendent moments you'll hear in both songs. Heck, the cover of the Craft Spells record even calls to mind New Order's rose-covered Power, Corruption & Lies. Worthy inspiration for a very worthy band. Mama like.

mp3: You Should Close The Door (Craft Spells from the forthcoming Idle Labor)


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