Otherwise Engaged: Fujiya & Miyagi/BRAHMS/Warm Ghost

It is an unfortunate reality for the serious concertgoer that on occasion, there will be more than one show on any given night that you really, really, REALLY wanna go to. Since the vast majority of us don't own a time machine, nor have the ability to either clone ourselves or split ourselves in half (or thirds or quarters, depending on the night in question), this tends to present a problem. Difficult decisions are made based on a multitude of variables (perhaps some of you even make lists of pros and cons), and ultimately, a show is chosen. But those other shows are still gonna be killer, and I'd like to give a little face time to the shows that, while I can't go myself, are highly recommended all the same.

Y'all, this one really, really hurts. Sure, I've missed a few good shows in my day, but this here show tomorrow night is gonna be STELLAR. I just know it. I've been lucky enough to see Fujiya & Miyagi once before, and seeing them in a smaller space would be amazing. If you like your danceable Britness sultry and smart and slinky and smoky, this is the band for you. On their own, they would be non-missable, but throw in BRAHMS and Warm Ghost? I don't know what you've got planned for tomorrow, but you might want to rethink it, unless of course you're hitting the Rock & Roll Hotel for this shindig. Yeah, I won't be there, but you can make up for my absence and go have a damn good time for the both of us.

mp3: Sixteen Shade of Black & Blue (Fujiya & Miyagi from Ventriloquizzing)


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