Live Review: Class Actress @ Red Palace, 2/5/2011

Initially, I was super excited to see the amazing double bill of Class Actress and Violens at the Red Palace. Then I was saddened to learn that Violens had canceled. But then, my loves, I was happy once again. Once Class Actress took the stage and started the party, all was weller than well. Elizabeth Harper and her pair of strapping touring knob-twiddlers brought some serious sonic class to DC, and it was so very sexy.

To me, the music churned out by NYC's Class Actress is the very essence of 80s glamour, what with the stunning voice possessed by Harper paired with the big, synthy beats. It's a glacially cool combination. There's a giddy breathlessness to this band, under all the polish and gloss, a near-urgency to get their point across. Harper looked the part of the chic songstress, in her extravagant, smashing fur coat, oversized white button-down shirt, and black leggings. For some reason, I look at Miss Harper and think Dynasty. The band sounds nothing if not luxurious, perfect for tooling around in your convertible BMW with your lip gloss shining and your man's collar popped. And I mean that in the best way possible.

The beats in the songs (and the stoic stance of the two dudes) were the perfect foil to Harper's honeyed, sophisticated whisper. They were slinky, they were slick, and they were very hard not to like. This is music that smacks of yacht lounging and jetsetting. Harper is a more than able vixen, and the songs are a great homage to the dancefloor days of old french kissing the dancefloor days in which we live. Definitely check Class Actress out when you can, they're well worth your effort.

mp3: Terminally Chill (Neon Indian Cover) (Class Actress - buy stuff!)

[photo by Ryan Koopmans]


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