Newsflash!: Holy Crap! Another LET-Sanctioned Show of Awesome!

Yes, friends, that's right. It's the gray season of Winter and it's cold cold cold (ok, so it's not cold today, but work with me here), and damned if that's not as good an excuse as any to listen to some damn FINE music of the local variety.

We are happy as clammy clams to be sponsoring what will, undoubtedly, be a night of insanely, wickedly, hearing-loss inducingly loud and ridiculously rad music on February 28th, starring the behemoth talents of Mittenfields and Forevsner. The night promises to be so loud, as it happens, that earplugs will be provided for one and all. We don't want anyone's eardrums popping, after all! So come hang out with us, see two killer bands, AND do good while you have a good time. How's that, you ask? Well you see, darlingest darling dears, the proceeds of the show are going to benefit We Are Family DC. So chase the Mondays away with us, down at Arlington's Galaxy Hut. We can't wait to see your pretty, pretty faces. To get you in the mood, here's a couple lo-fi, rough gems from Forevsner.

mp3: The Ones Who Steal Yer Trash (Forevsner)

mp3: So We Stayed Home (Forevsner)


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