Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #41 - AM

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Listening to AM's exquisite record Future Sons & Daughters, I kept envisioning a spectacular Southern California sunset, sky glowing blue and peach, the air golden and soft. There's an air of slight desolation to this album, perhaps a little akin to a mid-century California motel, lonely and worn by the side of some sunbaked road in the middle of lord knows where, ghosts of reveling guests of years past lingering. It's a little sad, but a whole lot beautiful. The cover, too, is pretty bang on, because there's a lot of retro lushness on this record, conjuring up faded glamor all over the place. Oh, and it also looks like a Sergio Mendes record cover. Which, thinking about it, really might have been the goal all along.


  1. Thanks for this. :) Album cover inspired by Herb Alpert's.

  2. No, thank you sir! And the funny thing is, I was thinking Herb Alpert's (especially the whipped cream cover) and managed to instead write Sergio Mendes. :)


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