Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #4 - The Love Language

Why I Decree it to Be So:

My oh my, how I do so love love love The Love Language. I adored their self-titled debut and was convinced they couldn't possibly get any better. But lo and behold, along came Libraries. And somehow, wouldn't you know it, The Love Language bested themselves. They lost a little of the lo-fi crackle between then and now, but each song on Libraries has that same lazy summer haze feel to it. Album opener "Pedals" explodes from a sultry slow burn into a starburst of sound behind the prettily plaintive vocals of ringleader Stuart McLamb. "Brittany's Back" brings the Carolina backyard dance party vibe like nobody's business. "Summer Dust" and "Anthrophobia" were made for slow dancin' and "Heart To Tell" just screams dancefloor frolics. Libraries also boasts one of the best lines of the year: "I'm no sailor/I want to rock the boat" (from "Heart To Tell"). Classic. McLamb's wonderful lyrics abound, proving once more than he has a knack for the forlorn and the lovesick. Just call him the patron saint of the lovelorn. Libraries is utterly, totally swoon-worthy.

mp3: Heart To Tell (The Love Language from Libraries)


  1. Heart To Tell is an awesome song, but I was hesitant to check out the album. However, your post has won me over. Time to save up for a new album! Thanks, Les Enfants Terribles.

  2. Virak, I hope that you're loving this here record! It's soooooo good...!


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