Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #38 - The Moondoggies

Why I Decree it to Be So:

Take the unwavering richness and ridiculous musical talent of The Band, throw in some classic golden bayou (or, well, faux bayou) spirit of Creedence, and take that rambling beauty to Seattle to absorb some laidback Upper Northwest vibes (and some drizzle). The resulting sound is probably somewhat like The Moondoggies. I've already lathered on about them quite a bit lately, but I'm gonna do it some more. The majestic beauty of "What Took So Long," with the lively keys and powerful presence is just the beginning on Tidelands. There's also the Byrds-ian balladry of "Uncertain," smacking of AM radio days of yore, or the hint of Cat Stevens that oozes from the lovely album closer "A Lot of People on My Mind." From start to fantastic finish, Tidelands is nothing short of gorgeous.

mp3: It's A Shame, It's A Pity (The Moondoggies from Tidelands)


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