Megan's Top 70 of 2010: #29 - Suns Of Guns

Why I Decree it to Be So:

You've heard me ramble on about DC's very own Suns of Guns before, and seeing their record On The Border of Snakeland on my list should therefore come as no dang surprise. This record, my little tenderhearts, is absolutely killer. It's full of filth & fury, grit & grime, and oh yes, rock & roll. This, my friends, is a band that means business. The guitar is raw. The vocals are raw. The bass and drums are, well, you guessed it. Suns of Guns on record really do sound like refugees from the Motor City of The Stooges and The MC5, full of raw power and ramblin' roses but with that extra little DC dirty to them. And let's face it, and band with a song called "The Them" that kinda sounds a little like the actual Them after a month-long bender wins major, major points with me. Without a doubt one of the filthiest, dirtiest, nastiest, sweatiest rock records of the whole dang 2010 open season.

mp3: Purple Bats (Suns of Guns from On The Border of Snakeland)


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